Are You Living The Love Lifestyle?


Dare to live YOUR Love Lifestyle NOWbefore your soulmate shows up!

What in the world IS the Love Lifestyle? First of all, it’s living life at 100%…NOW, knowing that life is a precious gift and can be taken away at any moment. It’s turning off the TV, the iPhone and yes, the Internet regularly to connect with yourself… your highest self. It’s disconnecting from messages of mediocrity that are pervasive in this society, that continually condition us all to live a life that’s “normal” and to live within the status quo.

Manifesting Soulmate Love can only be done when your life reflects your highest intentions for yourself. It’s living a lifestyle for yourself that shows the Universe/God/Higher Power that you value yourself (what we call FIERCE LOVE) and want more for yourself than just an ordinary life (read: mediocre). Mediocrity translates to “just another date” and eventually to “just another relationship”…NOT SOULMATE LOVE!

Dare to live YOUR Love Lifestyle NOW… before your soulmate shows up… yes, before you make your first million dollars… yes, before your body is in “perfect shape.” Whatever you’re waiting on owns you. It takes courage to show up for yourself, for LOVE, NOW. The independence and joy our LoveLaunch participants express and experience NOW all started when they cleared their schedule to attend our LoveLaunch Weekend and other Love Programs, for example. What are you waiting on?

Here’s a quick four step plan to get you started… NOW:

1. Go to personal growth and development seminars to get yourself off your comfy cozy couch and out of your day-to-day routine. This not only gets you out of your comfort zone (necessary for any change whatsoever) but you get to meet and network with like-minded, growth-oriented people who moving forward in life in spite of the natural pull of mediocrity.

2. Stop watching cable TV and CNN. Go on a media fast for 1 month. Watch your outlook on life improve enormously. Repeat. When you are plugged in, you are being a consumer… NOT a creator of your life.

3. Connect and hang out with high vibration friends and family ONLY. Stay away from “energy vampires” who suck the positive vibes from you, leaving you feeling hopeless about love and your life in general. Bless them, and move on. Life is too precious.

4. Stop whining and complaining about… ANYTHING. Yep, anything! Even and especially your ex-boyfriend(s) or husband(s). On your Facebook status and your twitter tweets, put something positive and uplifting instead of negative. Whining and complaining is low vibration, anti-soulmate, anti-LoveLifestyle….anti-anything-good-in-your-life. Put a rubber band around your wrist and snap it- HARD- every time you catch yourself whining or complaining about anything. Do this for a month to recondition your mind via your body to STOP whining and complaining.

Remember, your Soulmate is only a BONUS, cherry-on-top that comes as you are living the Love Lifestyle!


“Love life and life will love you back.
Love people and they will love you back.”
~Arthur Rubinstein 


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