Are You Ready To Meet Your Soulmate?

Are You Ready To Meet Your Soulmate? [EXPERT]
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How to make sure you meet your soulmate.

How's your love life? Is it flourishing, are you preparing for soulmate love in a manner that really makes you feel that meeting him or her is inevitable? Are you reconditioning your mind, body and soul so when your soulmate shows up, you'll be ready for him or her, so that there's no way you two could pass each other by?

"Wait!" I can almost hear you saying, "You mean it's possible for me not to meet my soulmate?!" Well, in a word, "Yes!" Niche Dating: Finding Needles In Haystacks

Johnny and I have read many books on soulmate love and some of them say something to the effect of, "It's inevitable. You and your soulmate are divinely connected. You're meant to be together and so no matter what, you will find him or her."

Our research and experience shows us that this line of thought is just not true! You and your soulmate are divinely connected. It's not inevitable, however. Soulmate connections are intended. Action is then taken to support those intentions, consistently, and then the connection happens. Dating: How Do You Know If Someone Is A Match?

You should have faith, yes. But in our experience, there must be action to back up your faith, for it's really NOT faith at all. It's just weak wishful thinking.

Johnny and I recently had a client email us to let us know she had found her soulmate after working with us:

"...then during my many workshops, I saw that I was fundamentally untrusting in relationships, and didn't really believe I would ever have the type of partnership that I said I wanted. When I saw that, I started to open up, and eventually, I started looking differently at a friend of mine who had already been proposing to me for the past 9 years. I never really considered him a potential match for me, because he wasn't what I always thought I wanted. But when I was really open, I saw that he is perfect for me."  Fall In Love With Your Soulmate All Over Again

If 9 years feels like a bit too long of a wait to be with your sweetie, maybe you'd like to accelerate the process, stop waiting and start moving toward him/her right now. Join us at the newly revamped LoveLaunch Weekend to learn the 10 barriers that are blocking you from opening up to your soulmate and start removing them, right there at the weekend! Do what it takes to be there and recession-proof your love life!

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