The 4 Steps to Getting Unstuck

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Here’s a4 Step List of Attitudes that Keep You Stuck in a Rut (and how to GET UNSTUCK)

I haven’t picked up a fashion magazine in years (I know, weird, huh?) and the other day I was at the airport and was looking for some light n’ frothy reading, and a fashion magazine packed with airbrushed and spray-tanned celebrities wearing $1,000 shoes and $25,000 dresses seemed to fit the bill.

As I was reading it, the not-so-subtle message came across loud and clear: having more money is the key to a better life - and you can’t be beautiful, fit and living the life of your dreams unless you are outrageously, over-the-top wealthy.

As a woman who has made multiple 6 figures for years now (and who was raised by a single mother on a secretary’s salary) I can tell you: Wealth and Money are two different things altogether.

Johnny and I have experienced the humbling lows of making barely enough to pay our rent month to month, to the highs now of making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I am grateful for these experiences. We have learned a lot and now we’re helping unplug others from The Matrix world’s version of “Wealth” to the Real World of True Wealth (a very attainable place to be, by the way).

How? Okay, you know this “unplugging” process is more than an article like this can cover.

But for now, here’s a
4 Step List of Attitudes that Keep You Stuck in a Rut
(and how to GET UNSTUCK)

1. You truly feel that you have seen it all and done it all and know it all. A change in life experience starts with a change in mind, which happens when you realize you may just not know it all. But you have to come to that realization on your own. Sure, you’ve come a long way, baby… but if you’re not Jesus Christ, Buddha or some other enlightened being, there’s still some learning to do! This is why we have been studying Dr. John Gray’s Mars/Venus teachings (and why he’s the featured speaker at our course) in his books and workshops- to keep learning. Open your mind, remove any lingering “know-it-all” vibes that may be coming from you, and put on your beautiful “Life Long Learner” hat!

2. Become or stay addicted to drama, struggle, and suffering. If you are competing for “worst life circumstances” awards and feel that is “just the way life is “, you just will not fit in where lives are being changed (like at our trainings, which are for people looking to make changes in their lives for the better). Get about the business, the dedicated, focused, business of changing your life, not complaining about your life. It is true that sometimes bad things do happen to very good people, but our strategies, tools, and mindset shifts are focused on “yes, that happened…now what?” Stay focused on asking yourself this question… it keeps you moving forward, rather than stuck in the past.

3. You are employed and feel that your job offers fulfillment and security that you want to stay with for the rest of your life. We do not advocate overnight impulsive changes, and know that working for someone else does have some benefits, but if you are NOT OPEN to new and different ways to make money and live better now, more in alignment with your passions and purpose, then stick with the J-O-B (some say Just Over Broke). The financial “crisis” that this country is going through is partially caused by this very fearful-of-change and avoiding-responsibility way of thinking.

Start educating and empowering yourself to learn how it’s possible to take control of your own lifestyle design and your financial destiny. You’re not just leaving it up to Wall Street are you? Come on now, Johnny. You could decide, for example, that you want to earn a six-figure income, at home, part-time while you maintain your J-O-B…until you want to let it go. (It is possible- many people are doing it right now). What does this have to do with love? You’ll feel more confident and empowered as you take control of your life in new ways and stop giving yourself the excuse that you cannot even think about true love because you’ve got all this financial mess & stress to deal with. And ladies…a man is NOT a plan, take control of your whole life now – Prince Charming isn’t coming, save yourself and he’ll be attracted to YOU, rather than to your “damsel in distress” routine.

4. Related to the above, if you truly feel that the “40/40 Plan” is the way you want to live your life, than you may be stuck in old age thinking that simply isn’t working today – have you noticed? What’s the 40/40 Plan? Work forty years, for forty hours a week, two weeks’ vacation a year, then retire on a (cut above poverty) retirement account pension. This is an Industrial Age way of thinking that no longer works. We are now in the Information Age- start learning how to use the new technologies, leverage strategies, and 21st Century mindsets that are out there to help you build your True Wealth Lifestyle. This is an important step to empowering yourself to control your financial destiny for real.

Okay…. this is Lara signing off for now. Enjoy the rest of the week!

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