3 Ways to Insure Your Soulmate Success


What if your soulmate showed up in 5 minutes from now with no warning? Would you be ready for him?

You say you want your soulmate. You say it’s time. You say you’re ready.

But what if your soulmate showed up in 5 minutes from now with no warning? What if he just knocked on your door? Would you be ready for him?

Or would you tell him to come back later, because you need to lose that last 10 pounds, or to wait until you get your business more successful… or to buy your own home first??

Is there a space for him in your life? Or are you so busy that you barely have time for yourself right now? Finding your true love consciously and intentionally is a process that takes time. Doesn’t have to take years and years, but you need to have some quiet, contemplative time to yourself in order to be able to have him come into your life.

Here’s what to do to start to insure that you aren’t unconsciously pushing him away:

1. Know thyself. Do inner work consistently to become the soulmate you want to find. Invest in yourself with a Love Mentor, a coach… somebody who already has intentionally attracted what you want to attract into your life. Take workshops, telecourses and read books on this subject. Immerse yourself. Become a student of Soulmate Love (which is really a student of Life!)

2. Love Thyself: Learn the art of self care. It is not easy for most of us. We women have generally been taught self-sacrifice and end up overwhelmed, bitter and drained if we are not pouring some self love on. I always know when my self-care is lacking, because I start to whine and complain about my life (which is really actually quite a fantastic life, by the way– I just forget about that fact when I’m not showing myself some love).

A simple way to practice this art is what I call “5 Minutes of Joy Everyday”- check it out!

3. Honor thyself: Honor your feelings, but don’t let them rule your life. Feel your feelings 100% (the good, the bad, the ugly)… and then express them via journaling or “constructive venting” with your Love Coach… and then move on. Your feelings are transitory, and tend to flow with the whims of the moment. They are there for a reason, I am not discounting them at all. But I happen to know lots of people who just “feel” like sitting on the couch all day, eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and watching the latest Jersey Shore show. This does not ultimately serve the life of your dreams.

Another way to honor yourself is to keep your word to yourself. It is has been said that “your word is your wand”. If you make a promise to yourself, keep it. As you break promises to yourself, you start to not trust yourself, your word, any more. And when you don’t trust yourself, you lose faith that you could ever make the right decision for yourself in choosing the right man.

Keep your word. That’s one of the most powerful ways to stoke your self-esteem.

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