The 3 Biggest Mistakes Singles Make Around Love


Are you making these BIG mistakes in Love? Find out NOW!

3. “It’s Just Luck” thinking – Most people think that soulmate couples are “just lucky”. What we have found in our research is that 8 out of 10 deeply connected soulmate relationships were intentionally created.

2.“Either-Or” thinking - Most people think that they can’t have it all in their relationship. That they can’t have both spiritually connected AND amazing sex in their partner. That they can’t have both deep love AND financial abundance. They can’t be themselves, pursue their hopes and dreams AND be in a deeply loving partnership that makes them swoon. That it’s either this or that. Soulmates think “both”.

1. “Easy Way Out” thinking – Most people think “what’s the least I can do?” – in life, in love, in relationships. Soulmate couples think “what else can I do?” What else can I do to increase the love in my life? To bring me closer to my Soul Mate? To be my best self?

Move past these three biggest mistakes and you’ll be on your way to being your best self, and being the YOU that your Soulmate is looking for.

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