The Key To Attracting Your Soulmate & Dream Life

The Key To Attracting Your Soulmate & Dream Life
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Attract anything you desire, including your soulmate!

Here it is! I have found it. Or rather I have re-discovered it. The secret, the #1 key to attracting anything you desire, including your soulmate.

If you are reading this, you are here for a reason. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that there’s a divine plan to it all- even if we in our human-ness can’t/don’t/won’t see it.

You were attracted on some level to the message that I’m sharing. Well, today’s message has a powerful purpose. After reading this article, I invite you to make a DECISION. This decision will change your life- forever. Really.

I’m not exaggerating here, I’m not being grandiose. I’m telling the Truth- with a capital “T” if you know what I mean. How do I know this? Because I have lived it. I have seen this simple principle that I’m going to share with you today change my life INSTANTLY. Yep.

When I myself made this DECISION (I’m capitalizing it not to yell at you, but to emphasize its importance) over 13 years ago, my life started to change and metaphorphisize immediately, and within 2 years of this DECISION, I was married to my soulmate, Johnny Fernandez, we were joyously expecting our baby girl and life took on a whole new meaning and new importance for me.

But you know what?

Somewhere along the line, I forgot about this DECISION. I chose other ways of being that drained me and eventually led me to burnout in my chiropractic practice and in my life. I was exhausted, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

And then one day, my mentor and coach reminded me of this decision (I’ll stop capitalizing it for now, okay?), and wow!- once I remembered, the light bulb turned on, I re-committed to my original decision, and my life took on a whole new vibrancy, clarity and purpose.

Here’s the reason I am sharing this with you now: if you don’t make this DECISION, everything else that I write about on this blog, my teachings in my home learning courses and workshops won’t hold water. You will NOT be able to learn from my experience (or anyone else’s for that matter).

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I hope I’ve emphasized how very crucial this decision is by now!

So here it is, the simple but powerful and life-changing truth: you must value yourself.


You must value yourself before anything that you want to manifest can happen. Why?

Because if you don’t value YOURSELF first, then the practices, principles and keys that I share with you all over this blog, in my home learning courses and workshops are useless… because you will never use them or put them into practice in a whole-hearted, committed way.

And thus, you will keep spinning your wheels and always wondering what could have been. This is the Truth. You may have already seen this Truth playing out in your life.

So, great, you may be thinking, “Okay, Lara. I’ve got to value myself to get what I want in life, first and foremost. But HOW?”

Here’s the deal that most people don’t know: valuing yourself at a higher level is a DECISION. If you ask God for higher self-esteem, He/She/It won’t just wave a magic fairy wand over you and give you higher self-esteem…. God will give you OPPORTUNITIES in your real, everyday life to express higher self esteem and higher value. Because you were given free will, you get to CHOOSE to express your self worth and high self-value, or not. That means, you get to make a DECISION.

The quality of your life starts and ends with this decision.

This is so important, I just want to shout it from the rooftops!

I am inviting you now to make this decision (yes, please say it aloud):

“I, _______(your name), starting right now, hereby DECIDE to value myself at a higher level than ever before. In the next days, weeks and months, on a daily basis, as God gives me opportunities to value myself or not, I will intentionally choose to keep placing myself as the highest priority in my life.”

After you’ve made this declaration to yourself and your God, I now invite you to start looking for those opportunities in your life. These opportunities may show up as going to the gym daily, drinking your 8 daily glasses of water, investing in that personal development program you’ve been putting off, or standing up for yourself if your boss (or anyone else for that matter) is being disrespectful to you. You will find an infinite number of ways God will give you to express higher value on yourself.

So…are you worth going out of your way for? Are you worth sacrificing some inconsequential comforts for? Are you worth being more disciplined for? Are you worth investing your hopes and dreams, your time, energy, and money in? Are you worth believing in?

What does all this have to do with soulmate love? Everything. Before anyone else can call you the woman of his dreams, you have to be more of that person you’ve always dreamed you can be. You can be that person, you actually ARE that person, but to express that for real, right NOW … it all starts with a decision.

This article was originally published at Dr Lara Fernandez. Reprinted with permission from the author.