Tips To Relieve Engagement Stress

Tips To Relieve Engagement Stress [EXPERT]

Diagnose yourself and learn how to manage stress from wedding planning.

Do you have the overwhelming urge to match the precise color of pink that's in your wedding invitation to your shoes? Have you ever awakened in a cold sweat absolutely convinced that you should have chosen four layers for your wedding cake instead of three? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your partner/best friend doesn't actually have a sleeping disorder, but is deliberately falling asleep while you describe the latest wedding detail?

Okay, okay, I admit it. Wedding Planning Induced Perfectionsim (WIP) doesn't exist. But as a premarital counselor, there are times when I wish it did! Because then I would be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment for stressed out brides: a healthy does of surrender and action.

So often engaged people — especially brides — come to me after they have completely lost perspective about their wedding. Often they are frustrated that their partners are not involved enough in the wedding planning, or they feel distant from their loved ones. Although these are very common feelings that arise during wedding planning, some of these feelings can be caused by brides trying to achieve a "perfect" wedding (and in the process alienating their loved ones).Engaged? 5 Rules For Keeping Your Friendships Intact

It's only natural to want a perfect wedding. And it's also only natural to completely obsess about something related to planning it. I know I did when I was planning my own wedding. During particularly testy times, my husband threatens to pull out some of the "evidence" of my wedding induced delirium like pictures of me toiling for weeks (okay, months) over designing the "perfect" wedding invitation.

Even though deep down you already know this, let me remind you anyway: a perfect wedding doesn't exist.

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