Stop Worrying, Enjoy Life


Don't spend your days worrying about things you can't control.

Most people, when asked what they want from life might say things like, they would like to be happier, with less stress, anxiety and worry. Just looking at how we live our lives should give us pause. Though it doesn't.

Numerous articles have been written about how to create less worry and anxiety with the power of mindfulness. Mindfulness, an eastern philosophy, helps to reduce stress and anxiety to create a "teachable" moment. There, we can learn how to be mindful and in the present moment as opposed to thinking and worrying about the future.

In therapy, I discuss the uselessness of worry because you can worry all you want, but it will not necessarily change the future. The worry gives people the illusion they have control over a situation and the worry somehow serves a purpose. But, theoretically, it doesn't. Worry often does however, prevent people from being in the present, missing important moments, causing detrimental, physical affects.

Enjoying ourselves, being in the moment and creating happiness in our life coupled with less anxiety does take practice and work as stated in the article "Enjoying Ourselves is Harder Than It Sounds," authored by Dr. Lickerman (as cited in

Dr. Lickerman offers ways in which people, despite their hurried life, stress and anxiety, can make changes to create enjoyment and reduce worry. He offers specific skills, strategies and mindfulness techniques as a vehicle. These techniques have proven efficacy, as cited in numerous articles, in their ability to help people be in the moment, decrease their worry and create inner peace.

However, like most things in life, intentional practice and work is part of the solution to reducing the ongoing worry and anxiety that many people experience. The stress and anxiety is due to our western culture which promotes a fast paced, time limited, ever demanding environment and lifestyle. Who can keep up?

I have used these techniques personally and professionally. I have helped numerous people successfully employ these same techniques in their lives.

They really work!

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