6 Simple Ways To Live The Passionate Life You've Always Wanted

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You must create the passion you desire!

You've probably heard me say this a bunch by now, but your life is what you make it. If it's lacking passion, then it's your job to bring it back. Sometimes, this requires a mental shift or taking action to create more of what we want in our external life. A little of both can goes a long way.

Here are six ways you can live the passionate life you've always wanted:

1. Recognize That Passion Wears Different Faces

Pay attention to what a passionate life really means to you. Maybe it looks different in different parts of your life. Maybe passion at work looks different than passion with your lover, or passion about a topic. How do you know you are passionately engaged with each aspect of your life? Write it out so that you can clearly see when things are what you want.

2. Be Vulnerable

It's hard to feel passionate when we're under lock and key. If we're afraid show vulnerability, we lose out on feeling connected to ourselves and another person. Sometimes, showing love and showing joy is as vulnerable or even more so than when we need to show weakness. Are there places where you have a hard time being vulnerable? How can you open up those parts of your life?

3. Clean Up Your Messes

Baggage weighs us down and holds us back. When we live with a lot of unresolved stuff it stops us from being present and passionate in our lives. What grudges are you holding onto? What pain from your past is it time to let go of? Find a way to clear your past so that you're in the present.

4. Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs About What's Fun And What Isn't

Work is not fun. Vacation IS fun. Even if we don’t totally buy the idea, the vestiges of it — like I was mentioning in my note — are there nonetheless. If we think more about an attitude of passion or joy instead of an experience giving it to us, it might make us a lot happier. What does an attitude of passion or joy mean to you? How can you cultivate it?

5. Express Your Anger

Anger and passion are on the same continuum. If you've totally shut down your anger, it's very hard to experience a passionate life. This doesn't mean that ranting and raving all the time is right either. It just means that if you tend to say that you “never get angry”, you might want to take a look if what you are really saying is that you don’t let yourself feel angry — or you're apathetic.

6. Make Time For It

Everything important deserves its time. If you want more of something in your life, make a point of scheduling time to bring more of it in. Just by answering these questions and making some quick changes you will see a passion infusion in your life.

Being passionately connected to our lives is possible and here are some practical ways to do it. Join Dr. Kate along with special guest Sexual Empowerment expert and thought leader, Amy Jo Goddard as they discuss ways bring passion to every area of how you live on this weeks Real Answers Radio.

This article was originally published at KateSiner.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.