10 Ways To Give Yourself The Proper Self-Care You DESERVE


Invest in YOURSELF!

I learned after years of working my tail off that if I did not take care of myself one of two things was going to happen. Either I was going to lose my health or I was going to lose in terms of my results.

Self-care became my battle cry whereas before I would sneer a little bit at people that talked about self-care thinking, "How bourgeois!" Little did I know that I would be biting my tongue!

Not only did I learn the merits of self-care but I also learned that it was not as easy to get and keep on track with as I thought. 

Self-care is an investment in our personal resources. Whether what you demand of yourself is large or small you need to take care of your most important toolyou.

Here are a list of 10 self-care tools that you can use to be your personal best:

1. Move Your Body/ Feed Your Body

Both movement and nutrition in balance create optimal self-care. Learn to lovingly and joyfully move your body. Dance, do yoga, stretch, walk or even exercise.

Feed yourself everything that your body needs to be healthy. If you are not sure what this is start by drinking more water and eating more greens.

2. Take Time In Nature and With Animals

Both of these experiences have a wonderful effect on us. It helps us distress and relax. If you can't get out in nature, go to a local park, or get a plant (or two or three!).

As far as spending time with animals, their playful and loving ways are a particularly healing form of self-care. While there is little substitute for the real thing, you can always supplement with some photos or videos.

3. Unplug And Watch Less TV

We are wired 24/7 these days. We go to sleep and wake up with our first things being smartphones and TV's. If you have not already adopted a technology diet, putting one in place can have a fabulous effect on you.

4. Be Less Negative And Be Around Negative People Less 

It takes two to tango and if you are negative then chances are the people you are around are too and vice versa. Take some time to work on yourself first. Change the way you think and speak and then start making choices to be around people who reflect that.

5. Let Go Of Grudges

Nothing pulls you down more than uncleared anger and resentment towards others. The only person you are hurting with your negative thinking is you. People can be short-sighted and make mistakes but holding on to the mistakes is the biggest one of all.

6. Spend Time With Awesome Friends

Spending time with people you love and especially doing fun activities and laughing is a wonderful way to relax and connect - two important elements of self-care.

7. Mental Hygiene

Obsessive thinking and worry are so commonplace that people think they are normal. While common for sure, these are not healthy patterns. Learn to stop yourself when you are on a tear. Simply say, "Stop!" and focus your mind on something more pleasant or productive.

8. Make A Difference

Being of Service in the world is a powerful way to feel better. It gives us a sense of meaning and we get the benefit of making other people happy. Take a weekend to volunteer at a food bank, Habitat for Humanity or any other cause that calls to you.  Put some good energy in the world.

9. Emotional Hygiene

Sometimes you just need to clean the pipes. If you have a lot of built up emotion or if you have been dealing with a lot of stress, the best self-care might be throwing a fit. Lie down on your bed and kick and hit with your arms and legs. Scream if it feels right. It may sound silly but after you will feel like a million bucks.

10. Gratitude

Nothing changes your attitude like gratitude. Take a moment every day to write or state at least three things that you are grateful for. So many of us have so much to be thankful for. Remember this is a form of self-care.

If you want to be more fulfilled and more successful, it takes knowing how to keep yourself being and feeling your best.

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This article was originally published at www.katesiner.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.