Technology See-Saw: Balancing in 2013


There's an upside & downside to technology, depending on how you use it.

Here it is 2013!  Some of us thought there wouldn’t even be a 2013; others of us can remember back to the movie 2001 where the ideas in that film seemed so far fetched.  Paraphrasing an old ad, “We’ve come a long way, baby!”  The world certainly is a different place.

One of the advantages to being at this stage of my life is being able to observe and reflect on all the many changes in the world.  As a relationship expert, the difference I believe that is the most positive is the greater equality of the genders, especially in the fact that men are more able to be emotional expressive and partake in child-rearing.  The one that concerns me most is the role of technology.

Please don’t get me wrong ... I’m not against technology.  I certainly have adapted to it’s benefits and wouldn’t know where I’d be without my computer and other gadgets.  (Of course, it’s absolutely maddening when these devices don’t work!)  Clearly, technology is here to stay; it’s part of our daily living. 

On a personal note, I’m thankful to the benefits of programs like Skype so I can stay more connected to my daughter who lives far away.   Or, if you are first meeting someone, the computer can serve as an “ice-breaker.”

I even recommend using the various technological devices as a way of staying connected to your significant other in this frenzied world.  Little gestures of emails, texts, or voice messages that convey “I’m thinking of you” or “I appreciate you” can serve a very important purpose. (By the way, in my 21-day Free email program I teach you how to get your relationship back on track!)

Then there’s the downside.  Recently, there are numerous stories of people reuniting with old flings via Facebook which then lead to affairs.  Certainly, porn addiction and the ability to access children through the internet are intensified.  The constant reliance of young people texting one another raises the issue of whether it interferes with their ability to relate one-on-one.  I so often witness couples out at a restaurant busy on their devices rather than speaking with one another.   And … these are only a few of the problems. As a relationship expert, all of these concern me.

What’s the answer?  I believe it is necessary to take a moment to reflect and assess your life.  Look at what you do and the balance of how you conduct your life.  Remember what is truly important then choose to prioritize!  Will you allow your gadgets to run your life - or will you stay Empowered and make the choice of how You will use them?

Wishing you Empowerment,

Dr. Karen

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