9 Ways Your Relationship Can Beat The Winter Blues

sad bored couple in bed with cold

If your relationship has hit a bump in the road, stay calm and read on.

4. Pay attention. Also in the beginning, you were mindful of each other. You paid one another compliments, appreciated little gestures the other one did, listened and asked questions when your mate spoke. Take the time to bring these back into your relationship.

5. Plan to be positive. Everyone prefers to be around a positive person, and being positive is also good for your health ... so everyone wins. To increase your sense of this quality, make sure your posture is good (shoulders back and head up). This really makes a difference. Also, smile; your brain "reads" your facial muscles and thinks you're happy.

6. Change your mindset. If you notice negative thoughts, shut them down by replacing them with anything neutral. Eventually they go away and leave you in a more positive state.

7. Leave your day on the doorstep. Before you come in for the evening, take a few moments to decompress. Do some deep breathing and muscle relaxation. Now shift gears and think about having a positive experience with your mate for the rest of the day.

8. Be affectionate. Even though some of the feelings may not be there, show your mate affection anyway. Research has proven that feelings follow behavior. Start the ball rolling by acting in the ways you know will be positive for your relationship, and soon you will have the positive feelings return.

9. See the big picture. Love is a live entity and therefore changes. There will be times that your relationship won't be great, and then it will be again. Unfortunately, many couples don't know this so when they hit a slump, it's scary. If you do hit a bump in the road, don't bail. Look at the big picture and know that even after winter, spring does return.

As a relationship expert, I feel one of the most important things a couple must be aware of is the need to work on their partnership if their partnership is going to work. I'm also positive that being more positive is something that can be worked on and will empower both you and your relationship more!

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