3 Golden Rules To Follow When Committing To A Therapist

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When you finally decide to go for therapy, here are tips to make sure you find the right person.

Our relationships are probably the most important aspect of our life.  As a relationship expert, I tell people that I specialize in relationship to others and yourself. It's my belief that the two very much go together.

Clearly, whether it's concerning yourself or others, there are times when things are difficult, confusing or complicated.  Fortunately, in today's world, there's a great deal of information that is available to folks. Wonderful sites such as this one, books, CDs, etc. offer a wealth of information. 

However, sometimes, it just not enough and it's advisable to get professional help. Yet, many people resist this. Unfortunately, there's still a stigma in society that if you need professional help, there's really something wrong. I'd like to suggest that knowing and going indicates you're aware and strong.

However, once you make up your mind to seek out someone, there's another problem that occurs. As a psychologist who's also a college professor, one of the areas of great concern to me is making sure that people get the right help. Since most people don't call someone for help until they're desperate, they don't necessarily look for the right person. They may not even have any idea about what makes the right person.

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