Valentines Day Is Over ... Now What?

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Eleven ways to keep the romance alive all year long.

10. Be generous. It's nice to be nice, but it's nicer to do things that aren't expected. It's the little things that count. So, do a chore for your mate that you wouldn't normally do, or surprise him or her with a favorite dessert.

11. Prioritize the two of you. Think back to the "honeymoon phase" and what made it special. It was the fact that you made time for each other. It was almost like nothing else or no one else was important. The time you spend together doesn't have to be expensive or lengthy. 15 minutes twice a week that's truly about the two of you will really do a lot to bring that connection back again.

Can you pick a different month to do each of these different ideas? Absolutely! And, no doubt it will improve your relationship. But here's what will really ensure a long lasting successful one: Do a little bit of each one, each month. If you think about it, the real secret is being more mindful of your partnership.

If you can pay attention to each other, when next Valentines Day comes along, you won't even have to worry about a gift or a special night out. You will have been romancing your partner all year long!

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