Valentines Day Is Over ... Now What?

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Eleven ways to keep the romance alive all year long.

Was Valentines Day special? Did it help you to remember that you mean something to your partner? I hope so. After all, that's the purpose of this day. However, now it's over. So, does that mean waiting another 364 days until you can be reminded of how special you are?

As a relationship expert, I would suggest that Valentines Day continue throughout the year. It would serve your relationship far better if, on a consistent basis, you extended all sorts of positive behavior to your mate ... not just in February.

A good relationship that lasts must be prioritized. Each partner must know that he/she matters. Saving all that good stuff up for one day, one month a year, won't serve that purpose. With that in mind, here are 11 great ways to make Valentines Day last all year long:

1. Respect. This is the number one trait to all good relationships. Even when your partner says something you don't agree with, be open to hearing what he/she has said. Don't judge or put your partner down.

2. Trust. No relationship can really be sustained without trust. Trust goes beyond the obvious breaches. Make sure that you act in ways that are consistent so that your partner knows you can be relied on. Keep reading ...

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