10 Resolutions To Replace The Ones You Already Broke

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Love, Heartbreak

Admit it: You already broke your New Year's resolution, right?

5. Be willing to let go. Embrace the idea that not everything is a big deal. Humor is a wonderful stress-buster. There are certainly some issues worth fighting for ... and then there are some worth letting go of.

6. Learn how to manage conflicts. There's really nothing wrong with fighting as long as you know how to manage fights. Managed properly, conflicts can bring you closer. There are skills that can be learned to do so.

7. Prioritize your relationship. Relationships need time and attention to thrive. Make time for yours. Schedule it as you would anything else that's important in your life. It doesn't have to be extensive or expensive. The time you spend merely has to honor the two of you.

8. Stay on top of things. Too often other things (life in general), get in the way. Counteract this by planning regular check-ins with each other. By doing so and letting each other know what you like and what can be improved, it allows the two of you to avoid disconnection.

9. Communicate. Listen well. Things feel uncertain or unclear? State it directly or ask questions. Too often couples get into trouble because they're sure their needs are obvious to their mate, only to find out that the partner was clueless. You owe it to your partner and to yourself to let it be known if something's not right. Warning: Statements of information are not blaming. (I offer lots of communicationn skills in my book, Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, and Make It Last)

10. Hug each other. Research says that hugging is really important for the health of a relationship. Four a day will do the trick: when you awaken, when you leave each other, when you come back together, and when you say, "good night."

So, there's my top ten (Find even more tips at Marriage Tips That Actually Work). Even if you don't resolve to do them all, start with one or two. The real key to a good relationship is being mindful of it. Resolve to empower your relationship now!

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