10 Resolutions To Replace The Ones You Already Broke

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Admit it: You already broke your New Year's resolution, right?

When January rolls around, tradition suggests making all sorts of resolutions. However, they all seem to have one thing on common: They get broken. Statistically, 25 percent of New Year's resolutions are broken in the first week, and 90 percent by the end of February!

Were any of your resolutions about your relationship? Would you like to see your love life thrive in 2013? As a relationship expert, there are numerous strategies I could suggest to help your relationship really change for the long haul. Below are ten that will help you turn things around:

1. Ensure respect. Treat your partner as equal. Don't judge or put him or her down based on ideas or feelings that are different from yours. Tolerance of each other builds greater respect in your relationship.

2. Maintain trust. Consistency helps each of you feel safe, knowing you can count on one another. It ranges from the little things like trusting your mate will do what they promised to not humiliating your mate publicly to not experiencing a breach through some form of infidelity.

3. Build your partner up. Part of the reason you each got involved in a relationship is to know you matter. This notion was evident during the honeymoon phase. Keep it going by showing appreciation, expressing gratitude, and offering support.

4. Accept who your partner is. You can't change another person, but you can change how you react. In any long-term relationship, it's likely that each of you will grow and change. Honor and support who your mate is allowing them to reach their highest potential. Keep reading ...

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