How 'The Law Of Attraction' Can Save Your Sex Life

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Plus: seven steps to make the new year sizzle!

2. See yourself as already having the things you want. And being sexual in the ways you want to be: fearlessly, adventurously, or spiritually.

3. Think like Michelangelo. Michelangelo wrote that his finished sculptures already lived in the stone from which he sculpted them; all he did was carve away the excess marble that obscured their presence. Just like the sculpture inside the stone, you are already who you want to be. Focus there and the extraneous will peel away, freeing you.

4. Pay attention to your thoughts before falling asleep. Thoughts before sleeping are especially powerful, so when you lay in bed, focus on what you want to manifest in your life.

5. Visualize, using color and motion. It's easier to hold on to a visual when you include movement in the imagery, like a film, than when you see it as a snapshot. For example, see yourself jumping up and down and exclaiming joyously over the thrilling sexual experiences you're having. Or picture being touched exactly as you want to be touched; zoom in on hands caressing your skin; hear words of desire murmured in your ear.

6. Focus on the emotion of being excited and aroused. Come back to it many times per day. Be there in the experience. If emotion is indeed the engine of the LoA, then strong emotion translates into a strong call out into the universe to fill your order.

7. Actively change the aspects of your life that contradict your desired goals. If you want to be seen as a siren, but you always wear mommy underwear, you're telling the universe that you appreciate being seen as mommy, not as a sex symbol. Trash the cotton briefs and buy fresh lingerie that speaks to the part of you that has been hiding. Treat yourself like a siren and the rest of the world will follow.

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