How 'The Law Of Attraction' Can Save Your Sex Life

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This is not just a word game. As I pondered my dream, I saw repeatedly how people who focused on their troubles flaws, and miseries only collected more of the same kind of pain.

Now that you understand my perspective on the LoA, let me outline the core elements detailed in The Secret:

  • Like attracts like. We draw to us the experiences and people that we think about;
  • Every thought is a real thing or a force;
  • We call the LoA into action through our thoughts; and
  • Our emotions magnetize us and draw more of the same to us.

According to Byrne, as you think a thought you attract more like thoughts to you. As you think one sustained thought, the law of attraction brings more "like" (i.e.similar) thoughts ... and events follow. Consequently, your life is a reflection of your past thoughts — both great and not-so-great ones. If you want to change your life, you must change your thoughts. Your future will be the reflection of thoughts you think right now.

Combining Byrne's perspective with my own, we draw to us whatever we "appreciate" via our sustained attention and focus. Therefore, to shift from one state of being to another we must give thought and attention to the way of living we desire. Most importantly, in order to fully appreciate or conjure that vision into being, we must function as if it is already real. We have to feel it, believe in it and live it.

Now back to sex. What do you avoid doing or asking for in bed because you fear that seeming foolish or feeling embarrassed? If you want to create more positive results in your sexual relationships, you need only do what you already do quite well, except in reverse. That is, rather than appreciating failures and fears, appreciate and sustain thoughts of your desires. How? Your exciting sex life must first become real in your imagination. You must envision it in detail, enjoy it with full abandon and appreciate your own sensuality and sexuality with your every thought, sense and emotion.

Here are the seven steps you can take to raise raise your sexual power to new heights:

1. Think about your desired sex life in strictly positive terms. And avoid focusing on what you do not want. Say, "I want an orgasm every day." Not, "I want my partner to stop being so selfish in bed."  The LoA runs on positives because the universe can't compute "no" or "don't." Keep Reading ...

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