Sharing Your Life's Vision


Learn the importance of letting your intentions be known by sharing your Life's Vision.

When I was a kid back in the 60s I was pretty shy, quiet and reserved [not much has changed ☺] and kept pretty much to myself.  On Tuesdays in the summertime, I would go with my Dad to the bank to deposit his paycheck.  On the drive to the bank we would always pass by a bike shop and to a kid that was like the new car dealer where you could not wait to see all the new ‘rides’.  My Dad would have occasion now and again to stop and visit the service department while I happily killed time in the showroom, imagining what it would be like to be the first in the neighborhood to own this sweet, sweet ride.  During that summer when I first laid eyes on that bike I had a small paper route and cut a few lawns for my spend money but the price of that bike was over $100 an insurmountable amount of money to a 12 year old.


I could not stop thinking about that bike once I had seen it and yet the reality was that my Dad was in no position to afford it mainly because he and my Mom were raising three other older children as well.  My Dad was the sole breadwinner working for a local newspaper as a pressman.  I let it be known to my few friends and neighbors that I really wanted that bike and thought nothing more of just communicating my dream to own it.  Of course, hope against hope I wished my parents would get me that bike for my birthday or Christmas but that was not to be.

And then a funny thing happened…in the summer of the following year my Dad received a postal letter from a next-door neighbor who had moved away with his family at the end of the summer from the year before.  As a sidebar note, for some strange reason my parents named me after the two next-door neighbors and this letter was from the one that bears my first name.  You see the neighbor had moved away to accept a big corporate job in New York and the company he worked for supplied the front drum brakes for the bike that I wanted.  In the letter, my Dad was instructed to take me to the bike shop and pick out my brand new Schwinn Lemon Peeler and that it was paid in full.


It was only until recently that I gained insight into how important that event was in my life and not just the fact that I got a bike for free.  The real lesson for me was that when you have a vision or a dream and do not necessarily have the means to accomplish it, just letting others know about it can help you get there with the help from others.  However, if no one knows your dream or vision but you then it is really difficult if not down right impossible for it to happen.  Take the time to write your Life’s Vision based on your core values and then share, share, share…you might just be surprised at how the world responds once you let your intentions be known.