A Healing Resource To The Tragedy That Touches All


A book that is beautifully illustrated and sensitive to the grieving needs of all-children & adults.

Those of us not directly impacted by the tragic events of this past Friday in Connecticut [although as a human race we are all touched by this loss] cannot begin to know or understand the pain and suffering these devastated people are experiencing.  Please do not let this stop you from reaching out as a compassionate, caring and loving friend.  Even if you are in doubt then follow Midge’s lead from a wonderfully, comforting book ‘Tear Soup’…"Midge wouldn’t try to talk anyone out of anything anyone was feeling...I don’t know what to say, but I’ll be glad to listen.”  Offer the gift of comfort and peace through your presence; it really can be extremely invaluable and a much needed balm in very difficult times for those in tremendous anguish. 


I had the opportunity during my doctoral internship to work with children who had been sexually and physically abused and neglected.  I had learned early on and been exposed to a tremendous resource namely that previously mentioned of ‘Tear Soup’.  It is a book that not only helps children deal with the emotional loss felt with death and dying but adults as well.  Children found the book to be soothing and helped them start to feel more secure in their very scary world, specifically when the trust they had so innocently and assuredly placed in those they thought would always protect them.  I strongly encourage and endorse that all families and anyone grieving this time of year to acquire a copy of this beautifully illustrated healing balm to begin putting together the ingredients of one's own 'Tear Soup'.