Fifty & Fabulous: 6 Tips For Living Life After Fifty

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Get into these daily habits and watch your life transform in 30 days.

By Dr. Joe Rubino, creator of and CEO of

All too often, we tend to put off those things that are most important to us well into the future. We justify our procrastination with excuses about how we lack, time, money, or some other permission that will allow us to step into a life of true choice and happiness. Rather than put off those things that would enrich your life any longer, here are 7 disciplines to begin today to deliberately manifest a life marked by passion, happiness, health, abundance, rich relationships and positive expectation. By creating a structure that honors each of these daily habits , you will guarantee a rich and rewarding life after age 50 – although these disciplines can be equally beneficial and transformational at any age.

1. Health  and Appearance

Exercise 30-60 minutes a day, go for a brisk walk or jog, play a sport, eat a healthy meal, get a chiropractic adjustment, physical, or other health related appointment,  give up a bad habit or do something each and every day that will support your health.

Get a haircut, facial, pedicure, manicure, or message. Set up an appointment for that dental work you’ve been putting off. Treat yourself to a make-over or a new addition to your wardrobe. Do something that will enhance your appearance and make you feel better about yourself.

2. Wealth and finances

Get into the daily habit of doing something to advance your finances. Save a portion of your income, see a financial planner, invest in your retirement, start a new business at home or take some action that will support your current business, create a source of residual income for your later years, or otherwise do something that will enhance your financial well-being and security. If you have a business, hire a consultant or business coach or take some action to make it stronger or more productive.

3. Relationships

Get together with an old friend, make a new friend, send someone you care about a card or email note, pick up the phone to say hi to someone you haven’t connected with in a while, smile at a stranger, offer a compliment to someone you meet, rekindle a relationship with a friend or relative, go out and volunteer with the intention of making a new friend, join a club, or online group. Strengthen a relationship with someone you may have taken for granted. Take some action to fortify your relationship with your significant other, spouse, or good friend.

4. Personal Development

Read an informative book, watch a self-help video, listen to an uplifting audio or teleseminar. Embrace a challenge and look for the lesson it conceals. Take on a self-study personal growth program, treat yourself to a life coaching session or even to a year-long course, watch a documentary or educational program, take a course, learn a new language, learn how to champion children to build high self-esteem. Do something to broaden your knowledge, increase your wisdom or empathy level, or expand upon your development.

5. Spiritual Development

Pray, meditate, attend a religious or spiritual service, read a chapter from a spiritual book or listen to an audio or watch a spiritual TV program. Volunteer to assist the less fortunate, pay a visit to at a nursing home, soup kitchen, boys/girls club, or hospital ward. Do something that strengthens your relationship with your creator and with other people.

6. Have fun, Recreate, Pursue Your Passions

Spend at least 30 minutes daily having fun. Maybe that means watching a favorite TV show, listening to music, going for a bike ride, or hike. Maybe it looks like taking a bubble bath or somehow pampering yourself. Join a bowling or golf league or a car club. Take up a new hobby, plan your next vacation, watch a comedy show, have coffee with a friend, take a walk in nature, or do that thing you told yourself you’d do someday when you have the time. 

When you get into the habit of deliberately doing something in all seven key areas of life daily, you will be exercising your commitment to leading a fun, healthy, balanced life that reflects your passions, strengthens your relationships, honors your core values, and enhances the overall quality of your life. I invite you to give up your right to procrastinate in each of these areas and instead start honoring your daily commitment to taking some effective or rewarding action in each key area of your life. Your best life awaits you!