5 Ways to Jumpstart the Law of Attraction in Your Life


Here are 5 concrete things you can do to attract your dream life on purpose!

By Dr. Joe Rubino

Creator, http://www.LifeOptimizationCoaching.com

There is far too much confusion about whether the law of attraction is some magical myth or if it is a valid natural law that can be supported by our behavior. Here are 5 concrete things that anyone can do to support their ability to harness the Law of Attraction to better manifest a dream life in every way.

1. Create an inspirational written vision

We all already have a vision. Just look at what is showing up in your life. Your health, relationships, happiness, work fulfillment, wealth, and peace of mind are perfectly consistent with what you have attracted to you. Notice how your actual vision falls far short of the dream life you wish for!

A powerful vision will emotionally move you to do whatever it takes to manifest your dream life into reality. It consists of the qualities you wish to be known for (being), the things you’ll do on a typical day at work or play (doing), all the things, toys, and people you will surround yourself with (having), and the people and causes you will impact as you live your life and enjoy the process of learning, experiencing, and growing (contributing.)

Write your compelling vision out in first person, present tense (I am…) not (I will…). Read it at least twice a day, upon rising and before bed.

Remember to tweak and update your vision at least monthly as powerful written visions are dynamic and change over time, just as you do.


2. Manage your interpretations aggressively

We have it that the facts of history are unchangeable. They happen to us and there is nothing we can do to alter the traumas that we have faced. What we fail to fully realize is that we are not so much impacted by the facts of history but rather by the interpretations that we created about those facts. How did the most emotional events that you experienced affect your assumptions about yourself, others, and the world in general? When you create empowering interpretations, have empathy for what it was like in the other person’s world to cause them to say or act as they did, and give others the benefit of the doubt, you can free yourself of much of the emotional turmoil you needlessly carry around daily with you.

Get into the habit of creating interpretations that do not allow you to be offended by or to dominate others. Give up your right to be right. Release your emotional addiction to anger, sadness, or fear and put a positive spin on any previously upsetting events so that you build your relationships, maintain your happiness, and live from the declaration of the type of person you have decided to be.


3. Keep your reactive nature in check

Identify your most prevalent reactive mood in times of upset. Do you typically react with anger? Do you sulk, become depressed, or throw a pity party for yourself? Do you scan for things to worry about because you are addicted to fear? Until you can recognize how you are wired and what runs you, you will be at the affect of the slightest provocations and will actually scan for upsetting events and difficult people – just to get your emotional fix!

Manage your moods rigorously. Choose a perspective that supports harmony and joy in your life.  Create interpretations that keep you in relationship with those you would ordinarily find fault with or have trigger you. Give up your right to be angry, sad, or chronically afraid and start to become adept at recognizing these reactive emotional states as the red flags that clue you to realize that you are not seeing things in ways that support your happiness or personal effectiveness.


4. Do to others what you want to attract to your life

What we put out into the world comes back to us ten-fold. That includes both the good and the bad. Identify the top 5 qualities you want to attract – perhaps things like love, trust, friendship, inspiration, generosity, etc. Commit to live by the Golden Rule…and put forth the same energy, intentions, and actions that you would like to receive from others.

Put yourself in personal development daily. Live intentionally. Debrief after every conversation or interaction you have with another person. Ask yourself, “What worked about my energy, words, perspective, and actions…and what was missing that would enhance my next interaction?” Journal how effective you were at every opportunity to live and act deliberately and from love and trust rather than from anger or fear.


5. Forgive yourself and others and Build Your Self-Esteem

We all have a tendency to find the same flaws in others that we can’t be with about ourselves. Identify any areas where you have not fully forgiven yourself for falling short of perfection. Think of forgiveness as “Thank you For Giving me….the opportunity to grow in empathy and wisdom and experience a breakthrough in my thinking.”

Be the first to forgive others, realizing that they did the best they knew how to do in accordance with how they viewed the world, others, and themselves. Decide if you want to be right or happy and realize that you can’t be both!

Look for ways to achieve healing and completion while putting traumatic events behind you. Completion means that you no longer expend energy worrying about the events of your past. You have learned from each, have become wiser and more empathetic, cleaned up any messes, apologized where appropriate, and moved on.

Realize that I am not condoning bad behavior – people do terrible things to other people at times. Realize that holding a grudge, hating others for their behaviors, and seeking vengeance only hurts you by keeping you stuck and suffering. Choose love and forgiveness instead and watch miracles happen in your life!

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