Life After The Honeymoon Phase: How To Grow In Your Marriage

Life After The Honeymoon Phase: How To Grow In Your Marriage

You may not always like each other, but true loves remains strong.

Do you remember how amazed you were by the ways you and your newfound beloved were similar before your marriage? Maybe you loved the same movies, or enjoyed sports or savored fined food and wine.

After six months to two years of that "in-love" feeling you may wake to a sense of disappointment at the reality of how different he really is. You may relax when things are tidy, he may feel piles are the best way to organize things. He may love parties and you may need more time just for the two of you.

Marital maturity means gracefully accepting that your partner has idiosyncrasies and loving him or her because he or she is yours.

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I am passionate about helping couples in crisis. Some have said to me that they would never have believed that their marriage could survive, but it did survive and thrive. Together we will discover the blocks to your communicating and understanding each other. If you have become distant because of hurt or even infidelity, you can move beyond the pain. I will identify what fuels your conflicts. My assignments will invite you to find new ways of being there for each other. Humans need a good, deep relationship. Nothing sustains us more. I would like to help you move beyond the pain. You can learn to trust that the other will be there for you when you turn for support or celebration.

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This article was originally published at Mid-Manhattan Marriage Counseling. Reprinted with permission from the author.