4 Communication Exercises To Make Your Marriage Sizzle

4 Communication Exercises To Make Your Marriage Sizzle

If your marriage feels like it's fading, these simple sharing exercises will help rekindle the love.

Exercise #1: Remembering How You Met

Purpose: To recall the experiences of your early relationship and share them with another couple.

  • Take time to jot down as many details that occur to you about when you met, or about when you suddenly realized this person was a potential mate.
  • Find another couple and share the story.

Exercise #2: Partner Admiration

Purpose: To share with your partner why out of all the partners you have dated, he or she chose you.

  • Jot down four or more things you admire about your partner.
  • Share these with the other, taking time to give as many examples as you remember.

Exercise #3: Admiration and Disappointments Toward Your Parents

Purpose: To share with your partner those things that you value about your parents.

  • Make a list of the feelings that you have about your parents, both positive and negative.
  • Share this list with your partner.

Exercise #4: What You Learned From Observing Your Parents' Marriage

Purpose: To discover the attitudes that you do and don't want in your marriage.

  • Make a list of the things that you loved about how your parents reacted in their marriage.
  • Make a list detailing the things that you promised yourself you would never have in your marriage.
  • Share with your partner.

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This article was originally published at Mid-Manhattan Marriage Counseling. Reprinted with permission from the author.