Natural Approaches to Fertility


Couples can boost fertility through naturopathic medicine

In my medical practice, I often work with couples who are having trouble conceiving.  Some are seeking assistance for the first time, while others have already been down the road of conventional fertility treatments.  Naturopathic medicine has much to offer these couples, and they are often pleased to find that they have much more control over their health than they thought.

When working with a licensed naturopathic physician, the approach may be quite different than what you have experienced with other healthcare practitioners.  Treatment options include:

Diet, nutritional supplements, and bodywork for optimal fertility

Specialized hormone, food senstivity, and nutrient testing to identify possible causes of infertility

Energy work to remove blocks that may be contributing to fertility challenges

Personalized treatment plans that fit your health goals

Interested in working with a licensed naturopathic physician?  Check the finder at for one in your area, or work with a licensed naturopathic physician by phone or skype.