The Secret Weapon Of Happy Couples


Learn how happy couples keep their relationship intact.

How do couples remain in bliss? Have a date night once a week? Sounds good. Regular sex? Can't complain about that. Extra cash? Sure helps.

But, dates, sex, and cash aren't the secret weapons of happy couples. Sure, these factors all play a vital role and are important in their own right, but the secret weapon is actually the ability to come together again after you get into a fight.

A "failed repair attempt" is when one partner tries to end a fight or "repair" the relationship after a fight, and the other partner refuses to let go or give in. The repair attempt will surely flounder this way. When a couple suffers from habitual failed repair attempts, according to psychologist Dr. John Gottman, it is actually one predictor of divorce.

So, when you're evaluating your relationship and thinking about its strengths and weakness, ask yourself how well you and your partner do at coming together after a fight. Think about how you might be able to do a better job at creating a successful repair together after you really get into it.

Maybe make a game out of it—test each other to see if you can genuinely repair your connection after your next fight. Each of you should make an effort to try to repair things, and when you notice your partner coming to you, do whatever it takes not to shut them out or shoot them down. Talk about this with your partner at a time when you are both in a good place together and tell yourselves that you will do what it takes to successfully come out of the fight as a team next time you get into it. Happy couples argue and fight; it's okay.

A major difference between happy and unhappy couples is that happy couples know how to reconnect after their bond is temporarily broken. Add the secret weapon of consistently repairing things after your fights to your arsenal and your relationship will thank you for it. Swallow your pride and get to it! Don't be afraid to fightjust know what to do with each other after it's over. Come together and make up.

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