Busy Moms: How to Reconnect With YOU


The problem today is as a working mom you are often so busy & exhausted you lose connection w/YOU!

The problem today is that as a working mom you are so busy taking care of everybody else that you often lose connection with YOU and with your soul. The good news is that you can reconnect though and you can do it without shortchanging anyone else and without feeling guilty. Please know that the brighter your inner light shines the brighter the inner light of those around you will shine. So, it is vital to care for yourself, too!


I am going to share with you three easy solutions you can use to reconnect with your soul and shine your inner light brighter.


1. Start to reconnect with your soul by giving yourself three to five minutes every morning to sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus solely on your breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly relaxing your neck and shoulders with each breath. Continue to relax all the muscles in your body traveling down your arms, your stomach, your hips, your legs and your feet. Repeat this for three to five minutes every night as well. Excuses are not going to help you, so remove them from your life. If you need to set your alarm five minutes earlier, do it. If you need to go to bed five minutes earlier, do it. Do it for you and for those you care about.


2. Reconnect with your soul by making a list of three to five things that you loved doing as a child. Tape this list on your bathroom mirror or maybe on your calendar or save it on your phone. Now, commit to finding a way to enjoy one of those activities in some way once a week. If you loved to read, take time to read a few paragraphs in a good book. If you loved to dance, boogie around the house while doing the laundry or while walking the dog. You might even just take a couple of minutes to read the list each morning, close your eyes and reflect on happy memories with gratitude. Gratitude will also help you get back in touch with YOU.

3. Going a step further you can collaborate with your soul by listening to your intuition. Listen to your gut, to your inner voice. Once you begin to reconnect with YOU, with your soul, you can learn to collaborate so that you can live a more fulfilled life and trust that you are moving along on the right path. You may be wondering how to enhance your intuition. The biggest way to do that is to pay attention to those little inner voices, the little inner knowings and your physical gut reaction to things. Separating messages from your soul and just human reaction takes practice, but you can’t get there if you don’t start.


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