5 Ways to Make Sex More Sensual


Make your lovemaking more sensual by being aware of all your senses.

When you hear the word “sensual” you are most likely going to relate it to something sexual.  If someone says to you, “You should try these strawberries.  They are the most sensual fruit I have ever tasted,” where does your mind go?  Does it click in on just the fact that those strawberries must have been ripened to perfection?  Or does your mind instantly click to a sexy image of biting into the fruit?  What if someone offers to take you on a sensual journey?  The first thing that probably comes to mind is the sexual scenario implied by such an offer and not the possibility he/she was just inviting you to the local grocery and department store.  That could be sensual after all – taste this food, smell that cologne, feel this fabric, hear that song, read those tabloid headlines.


Yet, isn’t doing your regular shopping something you sometimes dread.  It has become boring.  It feels like a chore.  You just want to hurry up and get it over with because you know you need to do it, but really don’t want to.  Uh oh, those descriptions might well cover something else in your life.  Sex

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