A Secret Pleasure Of Men That Won't End Your Relationship


How to trust your guy with exotic entertainment without destroying your trust in him.

If your man is away from home, on the road or just has spare time to kill, exotic entertainment may be on his menu. That in itself isn't a huge issue unless you've strictly forbidden it. The bigger issue is that some guys take it too far! Another issue is that some women — ok, most women, absolutely positively detest the idea of exotic entertainers, and by that I mean, strippers altogether! Deserving or not, strippers get a bad rap from most wives and girlfriends. And let's be honest, the many reasons for that aren't all about your guy or them. Some of that is you. Guys going to strip clubs without their significant other's permission caused some of the most horrible arguments and long lasting resentments in the history of relationships and I'm wondering why that is.

Is it possible for your guy to add a little variety into his routine without destroying your trust in him or your relationship? To unravel that mystery we need to take a peak inside the "private room" to see what exactly goes on in there! And who better to give us that tour than an exotic entertainer herself!

Now, on an all new 'Sex Drive' I go all in with a real live fire breathing Exotic Entertainer, Alexa Lynn, from Rick's Cabaret right here in Manhattan. I'll take you inside the club and give you the low down on what really goes on behind doors! The do's, dont's and maybe's on the rules of engagement for exotic entertainers! We get the truth straight from the dancer's mouth as she explains how to teach your man that her dances are for entertainment purposes ONLY!

Get in. Get entertained. Get home!

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