Lions & Tigers & Strippers! Oh My!: What's Driving The Feud?

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Heartbreak, Sex

I take a deep look at what drives some women's hate and some men's love of exotic entertainment!

“I can’t believe you went there. Those places are so nasty. Those women are so dirty. Why would you do that?” What am I talking about? Lions and tigers and strippers! Oh my! That’s a typical start to one of the biggest arguments a lot of couples will have as they try and sail around the difficult conversation about strip clubs. Women don’t get it, and some men can’t get enough!

But what’s driving it? Why do so many women hate the idea? Why do some women utterly detest strippers? Why does it drive so many men wild? Is it just about the sexuality, or is there something deeper going on here?

I take a deeper look at the whole phenomenon in my next two brand new episodes of Sex Drive on CFFNation! In Part One, I’ll take a look at how we get so easily sucked in and tell you a painful personal story about how I got taken for a ride all the way to Texas! Then I give some top tips on how to get in, get out and move on! In Part Two, I interview ‘AlexaLynn’, a real live fire breathing top exotic entertainer from Rick’s Cabaret right here in Manhattan! She gives you the low down on exactly what does and does not go down in the club! It gets deep!

Check out Sex Drive on CFFNation now!

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