7 Fun, Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

7 Fun, Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids [EXPERT]

Make the most of the summer with these family-oriented activities!

5. Go to the library. With the introduction of Kindles and Nooks, nobody does this anymore, but they should. The library is a magical place, full of endless books on countless topics and subjects. Take your kids there and walk them through the type of books that are available.  

This trip could peak some interests you didn't know they have. Pick a few different books and read a part of a book there at the library together. Let them know how important reading is, and how much value it has. Decide to both read the same book and then set up some time after you are both done to talk about it … the themes of the book, how it made you both feel, etc.

Do this regularly. The library is inexpensive, educational and underutilized. Plus, your kid will love the feeling of getting their very own library card!

6. Try something new as a family. This is the most costly option, but if possible, it can be a lot of fun. It is important to encourage your kids to try new things, even when they are out of their comfort zones. It's a great skill to build early; we all know it comes in handy as life progresses. Try something that scares all of you a bit, and do it as a family.  

Go sailing, paddle boarding, or snorkeling. Or, take a class: pottery, writing, dancing, acting ... Something that challenges all of you. Some of these things you can do together, and some may be best served by putting the kids in a "kid class" to do with their peers. While they are in their class, you can try something new too, so you can all bond over how exciting and anxiety-provoking that can be. The Benefits Of Playing With Your Children

7. Come up with a family mission statement. Develop a family plan, like a business plan and have everyone participate. Who does this family want to be in the next 12 months? What goals do you have? What do you want to accomplish? Let the kids be very vocal in this process.