7 Fun, Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

7 Fun, Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids [EXPERT]

Make the most of the summer with these family-oriented activities!

Make some academic goals, some socialization goals, some activity goals and some family goals. Family goals can include: spending more time together, improving how you handle conflict, improving communication, coming up with a new way to problem solve, etc. It can be a fun and informative way to gauge where your children are in terms of what's important to them, and what they need. It can also be a great time to impart the very same thing to them from a parents' perspective.  

Then, come up with a formal mission statement: "The Smith Family aspires to be a family full of love, connection and giving. We focus our energy on being kind to each other, our friends, our community and ourselves." Make a sign that denotes the family mission statement and hang it over the front door inside so everyone can see it each time they leave your home. 

These activities are about bonding and teaching, two of the most important elements to child rearing.  There is more time to do both of these things over the summer. So this summer, take a more purposeful approach to spending family time together.

And most importantly, have fun!


Dr. Hillary Goldsher, Psy.D, MBA is a licensed clinical psychologist.  Connect with her regarding parenting techniques and her private practice in Beverly Hills, CA.