7 Fun, Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

7 Fun, Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids [EXPERT]

Make the most of the summer with these family-oriented activities!

It's finally summer break! There's no more homework, no more teacher conferences and no more school carpools. The schedule is now relaxed and the school year pressure for both you and your kids is diminished. But, what exactly do you do with all that free time to avoid kid boredom and parental frustration? Here are seven fun activities to keep the body and brain exercised and having fun during the summer months:

1. Do housework together. Pick a "family" project that everyone can get excited about. Something in and/or around the house that can be fixed, organized, improved, expanded or minimized is a great project that everyone can get involved in. Having the family work towards a common goal can promote both bonding and a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. 

Plant a garden, clean out the attic, re-do an area of the family room, create a "game room," paint the kids' rooms, put stencils up on the border of the kids' walls, etc. You get the picture.

The project doesn't have to be expensive. Creating a new game room could simply mean that you and your kids draw pictures, make decorations and flashy signs to put in an area of your home to designate that portion of the room "game room." Fill it with a few games, coloring books etc. to make it official.  It's about being creative and working together. 7 Educational Games You Can Play With Your Kids

2. Have a family dinner party. Just like an adult dinner party but this time, make it kid-driven. Let your kids create a guest list, invitations, decorations, and a menu. Let them help with the shopping, preparing, cooking, baking etc. This can be really easy and inexpensive. 

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