How To Have A "Good" Fight In Your Relationship

Love, Heartbreak

Having a fight is normal in a relationship but with this simple tip, learn to fight fair.

It is important to remember just because you accept the supposition doesn't mean you agree with why they are saying what they are saying. You will simply be accepting the idea you can be controlling, you aren't saying that you are being controlling in the particular situation that is being discussed.  

Try this simple technique and see how it works with a real time. Fights don't have to be fights. They can be exchanges of information. "I don't listen? Really. Maybe that's true and I am try to listen better." "I'm controlling? I can be. I don't think I was this time but I know I have been in the past. Remind me when you see me it again."

So, for a positive step to improving your relationship, choose to have good productive "fights" instead of nasty, dark ones. You will begin to develop a closer, richer relationship that, instead of tearing you apart, brings you closer.