How To Make Stress And Anxiety Your Friends

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Girl Stressed

Yes, it is possible.

Because we're constantly living under pressure, stress and anxiety are a big problem for most people. 

Anxiety began in our early childhood, when our parents pointed out any threat existing in the world around us, without realizing the fear it creates for us in life. As children we were spontaneous, full of life, carefree and often playful. Our parents wanted to protect us from the dangers waiting in the big world. They did it because they were full of love for us. They wanted us to be calm and attentive, raised well. The more fun and spontaneity for children, the more parents introduce fear and threats into their children's imagination.

As adults, we see a lot of risks, and the pace of life does not allow us to think logically. Once fear has been sown in us, it comes before we even give any thought to understanding where it comes from and what it shows us. We react without giving time for reflection on our responses.

My early childhood was full of fear. My father was a political prisoner in the Communist regime in Poland, and we, as a family, lived in constant fear about in his life and our existence. Everywhere was fear.

As a child and then an adult woman, I could not cope with fear. This caused problems in relations with people, both at home and at work, followed by health problems — various pains and ultimately disease of self-aggression. The doctors diagnosed me with PTSD, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis and finally, fibromyalgia. I became a human wreck. I could not perform many activities, such as walking.

Then I realized how important it was to take responsibility for my life and for the health in my hands. That was when I read a book by Dr. John Sarno, entitled "Mind & Body Prescription. Healing the Body, Healing the Mind." I decided to do deep work in trying to understand the problems of anxiety and stress. To follow the instructions of Dr. Sarno, I started a dialog with my fears and reactions to stress.

I saw my fear as a separate entity in me, with which I had to establish a dialog. As enemies — me and stress — we constituted two different camps; we could only fight with each other. As friends, we could afford to lead a deep conversation, and then look for the best solution for both parties. Through these conversations, I learned that stress and anxiety were my signals, eager to show me my problems. They wanted the best for me and wanted to draw my attention to my emotional reactions. They were my best friends, standing guard over my health. Rather than fight them, I realized my reactions and learned how to work on them. 

Ewa Danuta Bialek specializes in clinical diagnosis and has a Ph.D. in immunology. She is a Certified Life Coach, Master Life Coach and the author of over 130 publications and 30 books, including "40 Truths from my Inner Child."