Delineating on the Date


Teaches women how to use dates to shape better male behavior toward them with better outcome!

First I had a girl dog:: she’d roll over submissively, as if guilty of something (when she wasn’t) and she needed to be reassured.  Then I got a male dog: he’d look me right in the eye and lift his leg around different corners, as if testing my reaction. I chalk it up to hormones. A man can be a tester of boundaries, and he is watching your reaction to see what you’ll let him get away with….
         Thus, on dates – the space you give a man to show up and show himself - if he crosses the line and hurts your feelings, upsets your sense of decorum or what you grew up to know is right; then it is up to You to tell him.  Do it in a feminine but clear way. It’s important for him to know that you have noticed. It outlines your boundaries and teaches him how to treat you. It reflects outwardly your inner sense of self-esteem and self-worth.  And it will result in the man being turned on by the sexy respect you’ve instilled in him for you.
           Being casual and dismissive, or pretending your feelings weren’t hurt, stuffing them and excusing him silently, will produce in you inner tension and resentment. And it sets up a snowballing pattern of devaluing actions. He has run off the show, and a downward trending inch may stretch to a mile.  Your initial civility and being too polite to say something, will put you in touch with eventual larger degradations. Reveal in a sweet way that you have standards. He will modify his attitude and actions around that. And your status in his eyes will elevate: His categorical thinking will file you in a higher place.
           Yes, this is a flirtatious but deliberate form of behavioral modification. Female estrogenic tendencies which are more pleasing, empathic, and accommodating may not need this. Testosterone-influenced men are testers of territory and pushers of boundaries.  What shapes your behaviors is going to be different than what shapes his.