How Happy Are YOUR Hands?

How happy are YOUR hands? Raise your hands above your head and see how much better you feel now!

How happy are YOUR HANDS?  Your hands actually tell a story about the way you are living and have lived your life? 

  • Are you proud of the appearance of your fingers and nails? 
  • Can you move your wrists freely in any direction? 
  • Can you balance your entire body on your hands?
  • Do you often bring your hands together in prayer?
  • When you talk to others, do you point at them, make a fist or offer open palms?

People who love being with others and enjoy conversation often use their hands to add to their self expression.  Hands have so many different uses that we often don't realize until we injure a finger, a write or another part of one or both of our hands.

I remember the total inconvenience I experienced when I broke just one finger on my left hand. Even though I am right handed, it was difficult to shower, to wash my hair, to drive my stick shift Crovette, to open jars, and to do so many of my regular daily activites.

How many things do we do with our hands?  The number of activities seems endless.Hands can be used for sign language.  Hands create shadow stories. Hands operate puppets and computers.  Hands and fingers are used for writing and typing, drawing, holding or massaging a partner, dancing with a partner anbd even sexually arousing a partner, or even yourself.

Did you know that when you raise your hands above your head you cannot feel depressed? And when you keep your hands in a fist you tend to feel more closed emotionally?  When you open your palms toward another you immediately feel more receptive and are more likely to be giving.   When you hold your palms open and a distance apart you can often feel the energy in the ethers between your palms.

Take a few moments to examine and admire the beauty and functionality of your own hands.  Appreciate them.  They provide you with so many benefits and pleasures that you will really miss if they are injured, sore, arthritic or damaged in some way.

Give yourself a manicure, or better still, let someone else give you one.  That is a small luxury that most of us can easily afford and it can do so very much for your morale in an instant. Hands are sensitive and feeling the gentle massage with soft cream and the delicate stroke as the polish is applied can be a highly therapeutic moment in your day which may be filled with stress.

Have you taken care of your hands lately?