She's a Kennedy for Cryin' Out Loud!


Sex, lies, & heartache...Maria Shriver is first and foremost a Kennedy, and will weather this storm!

As if "Kennedy" and "sex" didn't already go so well together in a sentence, now Arnold Schwarzennegger (who became a wannabe-honorary Kennedy by marrying Maria Shriver Kennedy) has publicly announced that not only did he violate his marriage with Maria, but that he had actually fathered a child…with a member of the house staff…and that it all happened TEN YEARS AGO!

Boy, those Kennedys! They're rich, some are gorgeous, and others screwed around with everyone they could get their hands on. But the Kennedys are in a class of their own. Despite how they live in public, or in private, they manage to keep an heir of dignity about themselves that in some ways either helps the public deal with Kennedy antics, or at least, in some way, accept them.

Maria Shriver Kennedy is no exception. She's gorgeous, famous, and in the middle of a huge embarrassing mess. But you can't feel bad for Maria, that would only give Arnold the power. She's a big girl, she's still got her looks and her reputation…she's a KENNEDY for crying out loud! She's going to be just fine and I won't give her one reason to feel embarrassed.

But some could argue, "Eh, it happens." I'm sure it somehow fits into the "wholesome family values" that Arnold and his red-state buddies mount their campaigns on. But this isn't an attack piece on politics, this is a praise to Maria Shriver. Bless her heart, she had to have known. How could she not? Arnold was famous for being a womanizer and frequently disrespected Maria in public (according to reports). And if she did know--if she took a page out of Hillary's book, "How to Be a Lady Despite Your Man" (*not a real Hillary Clinton book, for humor purposes only!)--then more power to you, Sister Maria, for knowing how to put things into perspective, play the long-term game, and come out on top!