Over 50? Don't Age Gracefully, Live Agelessly

Over 50? Don't Age Gracefully, Live Agelessly [EXPERT]

What does "getting older" mean to you?

It doesn't matter whether you're 49 or 94, it's okay to be a little loopy. Modern culture already recognizes that the older you become, the stranger you get, and there are plenty of ageless individuals out there with great senses of humor. At this age, there is no reason for not embracing this and having a little fun from time to time. 7 Troubling Signs You're In Love With A CRAZY Maker

Imagination never dies. You may have a few aches and pains, worry about forgetting things and find yourselfneeding more rest than recreation, but your ability to create and to imagine never fades.

I'm not suggesting that you execute your right as an older person to have lapses in memory and at a family dinner one night, begin speaking to a bowl of vegetables as if it were talking back at you — just to laugh at the family's reaction. Having a funky and off-beat sense of humor towards aging can be funny, but that's not what I mean.

My message is simple: Embrace yourself for who you are. Yes, you're older, your body and mind have changed, but you have also evolved. Embrace that evolution. Use what talents you have and enjoy each day for what it is: an opportunity to experience, to do, to share, to create, to live. You Deserve to be Happy in Love

As ageless sages, we are up against two major obstacles: (1) we're living longer than previous generations and (2) everyone is clueless about what to do with us. Yet, there is hope because of the growing number of people over 50, our generation has become a target for new products and services. Designer walkers, fancy electric wheelchairs, seniors' cruises and all the dance, yoga, painting and pottery classes you can imagine.

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