Forgive me Father, for I Have Son'd


A Father's Day tribute like no other...

"Forgive Me Father, for I Have Son’d"

Dear Dad,

I hope this letter finds you well and in good health. I’ve been doing pretty good lately, thanks for the gas money and the card last week. Since it’s Father’s Day again, it seems the least I could do for you on this day is to level with you on a few things.

I’m certain that when you and mom were filling out the paperwork to adopt your only child 30 years ago, your vision of who I would grow up to be and the man I am today are not the same person. I never became that sports-minded young man with a generous career, a gorgeous fiancée and plans for a house full of children. Instead, I’m a gay marketing and media expert who holds two jobs, rents a room on the far side of town, is single and has no desire to have kids of my own.

I’ll be honest, dad, I hate Father’s Day. It’s the one day each year that I really beat myself up for all the times I did wrong by you. To everyone else but you, I’m rather easy to get along with, but as with most sons and their fathers we never really communicate all that well. We have different views on different things and, being my father’s son, neither of us ever lets the other have any slack to work with.

But, whether you know it or not, I’ve been watching you a lot closer over the past 7 years. And while I may not have grown to become the man you dreamed I would be, I’m pretty sure you’d be proud of the values and lessons you taught me over the years and and how I've used them to make my own life, and the lives of those around me, more fulfilling.

All the times you told me to treat others with respect, regardless of the situation, has stuck with me. I try not to cuss in front of women, I hold doors for people, I say thank you and “yes ma’am” even though many of these Yankees take offense to it. I try to do right, to be good, and to help out others whenever I can.

You see, any anger or frustration I’ve ever had towards you… that was on me. I didn’t understand you for the better part of my life. But looking back I can clearly see that every action you made always came from the heart. And having seen how the general population handles most situations, I can assure you that you are of a dieing breed and one that I am utterly grateful to have experienced.

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