7 Male Myths About Sex


Male Myth #1: It's not sex unless you have intercourse.

FALSE! Sex is more than hitting the target's bull's eye.

Male Myth #2: It's not sex unless you have an orgasm.

FALSE! Sex is an attitude & self image. An "I love you" qualifies as sex, as does a caring caress.)

Male Myth #3: Sex is performance. You either succeed or fail.

FALSE! Sex is a process, not a goal.

Male Myth #4: Men don't express feelings.

FALSE! Sort of. Most men prefer to fix a problem rather than to discuss it, but many will open if you open the dialogue in a non-confrontational way.

Male Myth #5: All sexual feelings have an end goal.

FALSE! Feelings are different from actions. Most men have feelings and fantasies that they don't always act on.

Male Myth #6: Men always have to initiate sex.

FALSE! Each partner is equally responsible for starting the process.

Male Myth #7: Men can't have multiple orgasms.

FALSE! With rest and relaxation, many men can orgasm more than once.

This article was originally published at Dr. Dorree Lynn . Reprinted with permission from the author.