A Little Seasoning Makes Everyone Happier


Add some spice to your life!

I see quite a few young adults in my practice. Most have left home for the first time and are trying to navigate making decisions that they think will help them be happier than they were when living under someone else's roof and rules. When they complain that they are not as happy as they thought they would be, I can't help but think about myself at their age and my dad saying to me, "The world is not made the way you think it is. Just keep on living."

I have the same reaction when I think about my clients who are "more seasoned." Some may say older, but I prefer the term "seasoned." These individuals have more experience, more wisdom, and more time under their belts. They're not just alive. They've lived and are living! And while not all older people are happier, the seasoned ones are happier for three reasons:

  1. They have learned to accept that some things are just the way they are. They may not like or agree with everything or everyone, but they accept what or who is and not allow themselves to dwell in what cannot be changed.
  2. They have learned to create meaning from their relationships with others, while discerning which relationships to give more time and energy.
  3. They have learned to play the hand that life has given them and, despite life's ups and downs, they recognize that they are still winning.

While one may be older, they may not be seasoned. But the ones who are, seem to make a conscious decision to use their experiences to eradicate the blandness from their lives. After all, a little seasoning makes us all happier!