What Was Arnold Thinking?


It isn’t only prominent and powerful men who have affairs, BUT

It’s important to say right from the start that of course, it isn’t only prominent and powerful men who have affairs. Men and women of all different walks of life and ages–have affairs. It’s just that we expect more from our politicians – people who have solicited and in many cases, won our trust. Powerful men have much more to lose than the average individual who succumbs to infidelity. And yet, due to their financial and social position, they may think that they have the resources to cover their tracks. In other words, they suffer from a delusional sense of invulnerability. It’s especially surprising because the media and the public scrutinize them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s’ widely publicized affair with the housekeeper has raised the question once again, “What was he thinking?”  I’ve never met the Govenator and can’t say that I would have ever been counted upon to buy a ticket to any of his movies.  But I will try to remain completely unbiased in this very brief analysis. 

Early Conditioning Experiences:  From what we’ve been told of his childhood, Arnold’s father was a military man who was excessively strict with his sons. As children, he had Arnold and his brother starting their exercise program at 6:00 a.m. with a very structured day including writing a ten- page essay at the end of each day about their activities.  It seems that any emotional needs or feelings were not part of the program. Research has shown that sometimes when a person is raised in such an oppressive, cold environment, they can develop a reckless, determination to get their needs met at any cost. Their exterior may appear to be like everyone else's, but within their shell is a cold, emptiness. The adrenaline rush of success and new conquests brings an excitement and sense of feeling alive.

Now, if this describes Arnold’s private inner world, and if womanizing is one of the things that makes him feel alive and powerful, then at least, we can make this connection from a psychological perspective. But still, one has to wonder, “What was he thinking?”  These activities apparently went on in secret for years in the same house where his children and wife resided.

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