Put the Yipee in Your Emotional Rollercoaster!


Wondering Why You're Not Happy All the Time and How You Can Be?

When you were a kid, did you expect to grow up and be happy? That meant, of course, you’d feel good all the time, right? Many of us still expect  it. Too bad it doesn’t work that way. Feelings are transient states that change moment-to-moment and dissolve. They don’t become part of us, we aren’t them and they have a life of their own outside our control.

When we feel positive (as in happy), we hardly notice because that’s what we expect. When we feel bad (as in sad, angry, or jealous), we may go to guilt— and think, “I “shouldn’t” feel this way. Suddenly, one temporary feeling becomes a mountain of emotion. When we pay attention and allow them, feelings transform from an intrusive mood swing into a helpful emotional compass.

You can ride your emotional rollercoaster like a pro! By genuinely, receiving each new emotional moment for what it is—merely a passing emotion that gives you feedback about your experience. Back when you were a young child, you naturally expressed your feelings. Now that you’re grown, you still have this built-in emotional feedback system. And, you also have lots more inner resources to compassionately understand yourself and decipher what your feelings are telling you about your present situation.

Experiment with your organic emotional operating system:

  1. Move your attention to your heart where you’ll hear one word of what you’re feeling…. speak or write this feeling and embrace it as much as possible… (take a minute)
  2. Return your attention to your heart where you’ll hear another word of what you’re feeling in this new moment…. name it and embrace it… (take a minute)
  3. Return your attention to your heart a third time and you’ll hear a word for what you’re feeling this moment…. name and embrace it… (take a minute)

What did you notice?  Surprised that your feeling kept changing?  Every new moment expresses a new feeling. 

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Deborah Sandella PhD, RN is an award-winning author, international speaker and originator of the RIM Method, an unprecedented breakthrough technique that empowers individuals to quickly free themselves of difficult feelings and memories, and live the life they yearn for.  Her work has appeared on television, radio and print.  She’s been honored by her peers as “Outstanding Clinican” and “Excellent Researcher.”  She can often be found sharing the stage with Jack Canfield originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books; they have co-authored the acclaimed Awakening Power home study program. Click here to register to receive her monthly meditations that inspire and calm.