You are where you need to be


This is a short meditation on staying in the present and accepting who you are.

You are perfect the way you are.

You are exactly where you need to be at this moment.

If you change tomorrow, then tomorrow you will also be where you need to be.

You can only be who you are and where you are as a result of all of your ancestry and all of evolution, because no single event can be taken out of the context of the whole.

Change will happen when you are ready, and not because you feel it should happen, or because you feel changing something will fix things.

Never compare yourself with others.

It is only the mind that creates confusion, conflict and insecurity. You are not your mind.

Genuine acceptance is the path to inner peace.

You do not have to be, nor should you be, anyone or anyplace other than who and where you are right now.

If you want to change something, let it come from a place of challenging yourself and learning and growing and not because you want to fix yourself or make yourself more acceptable to yourself and to others. The former path leads to abundance and the latter to endless suffering.

If any or all of this resonates with you, change the ‘you’ to ‘I’ and say it out loud to yourself every day.

Try saying it while looking at yourself in the mirror.

Say it even if you don’t fully believe it.

You are your own biggest critic. You alone construct monuments to shame and insecurities. And you alone have the power to destroy them.

By David B. Younger, Ph.D, CGP, P.C.

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This article was originally published at David B. Younger . Reprinted with permission from the author.