Taking time to refuel the relationship

Love, Family

This is especially important when kids come along, but is equally relevant for working partners.

Adults have so much to learn from children. I often think that we have a lot more to learn from them than they do from us. Little kids love to play with their friends. They can spend hours playing without stopping, but afterwards they need to refuel. The best way to refuel is by being with the parents.

Couples need to refuel too, but life often gets in the way. Even five to ten minutes of quiet solo time can go such a long way. It can be spent hugging and kissing or talking about the day, but it serves the same function as for children. The biggest mistake couples make is putting their relationships on the back burner.

I recommend making it part of your routine. Remember that the happier the couple, the happier the kids!

By David B Younger, PhD, CGP, PC

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This article was originally published at David B. Younger . Reprinted with permission from the author.