3 Most Useless Online Dating Criteria

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If you're picky about eye color, you're begging to remain single.

"Athletic and toned" can mean "I'm neither skinny nor fat," or it can refer to one of those lean and mean people who go to Cross Fit every week. "Curvy" can mean an hourglass figure or it can mean overweight. Everyone has a different idea of what "a few extra pounds" means.

Ignore body type when searching for people to meet. Why rule out people over measurement error? Instead, let the photos speak for you. Whatever their stated body type, you'll either find them attractive or you won't.

3. Income. I have a reasonable number of friends in my life. Guess how many of them have shared their incomes with me? Two: a couple my husband and I are close to. That's it. So if I don't know my friends' incomes and they don't know mine, why should a bunch of strangers know yours and why should you know theirs?

I say income has no business on an online dating site. You divulge incomes when you build trust with someone, most likely because you're in a relationship. Besides, while income does tell you something about how a person lives, it tells you nothing about that person's individual circumstances, whether that person is a good match for you or how he/she will treat you.

Remember, when you state preferences online, they become requirements. They can severely limit your options. Most people are willing to be flexible with their criteria for the right person. As such, I recommend you ignore these three criteria when selecting who you want to meet.

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