Online Dating Can Lead To A Happy Marriage [EXPERTS]

Online dating may be the new craze and lead to a successful marriage, but is it too good to be true?

5. Actions speak louder than words! It is important to recognize this important fact. The words that someone speaks to you mean little. It is their actions that tell you who they are and what they truly believe. People can tell you all kinds of things on the Internet. The question you should ask is this—how much of what they tell me is true? The words they use on the Internet are not necessarily true. Recognize this simple fact. Do not be duped blindly into thinking that what someone tells you on the Internet is true. Words matter for sure. But so does the truth. Probe, question, demand that their words parallel their actions. Expect nothing less.

6. Core values matter. There is one simple truth—core values matter! It is highly important that someone you’re willing to date have a value system that matches your own. What you believe, matters! If you are willing to date someone whose value system is different from your own, go ahead and do so. But, if you are like most people, you want to date someone who shares your core values. Do not be naïve or misled. Do not expect happiness and marriage from someone whose beliefs and values differ from your own. If their beliefs come through as different from your own when perusing an online dating system, move on! You cannot expect to find love with someone whose core values are different from your own.

7. Highlight what really matters to you. When you want to find the person of your dreams, engage in this one simple act. Tell the truth about what really matters to you. Too often, the good folks that utilize an online dating service want to embellish the truth. Too often, they want to make themselves better than they are—more handsome or beautiful, more accomplished, more bon vivant. In the end, you are who you are. Tell the truth. Express what really matters to you. You are what you are, and in the end, that is all that matters. Getting someone who is interested in you under false pretenses is always a bad idea. In the end, capturing the true fancy of another human being always depends on telling the truth. Highlighting what really matters to you will capture the fancy of those who share your beliefs and core values. In the end, that is what really matters.

These are the self-evident truths of on-line dating.  Remember them well. Find true love, but be careful about it!

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By Drs. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz

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