Online Dating Can Lead To A Happy Marriage [EXPERTS]

Online dating may be the new craze and lead to a successful marriage, but is it too good to be true?

2. Don’t wish for love. Folks wanting companionship wish for someone to love. They will often ignore the warning signs of a so-called online "admirer" because they just want someone to love. Wanting to find love and wanting to be in love does not make love imminent or even desirable. Wanting to be in love often clouds our ability to look at love objectively. Sad to say, there are people out there that will take advantage of those whose only goal is to be in love. Our advice—approach your online love search objectively. Do not be duped into falling for contrived "lines," promises, or commitments of Nirvana. Very carefully analyze everything you are told online. We are reminded of an important notion—trust but verify! Take nothing for granted. Wishing for love does not make love real.

3. Always seek the truth. The most important approach to online dating is to always ask the tough questions, the important questions, the right questions! Oh, we know, you are afraid that if you ask the questions that are on your mind you might offend somebody. But seriously, do you expect to get the truth if you don’t ask the right questions? It is important that you ask a lot of questions. Remember, you want a person to date and potentially love that is honest, and that is real. When you ask the questions that are important to you, you are in search of the truth. Always remember this—the truth shall set you free!

4. Don’t start a relationship with promises of sex. Here is the simple truth. When you make it clear that sex is your primary reason for dating, you change the entire dynamics of online dating. People in search of real love do not begin the conversation with talk about sex! Sex can be both emotional and satisfying. But let’s be clear, some people just want sex for the sake of sex! There is no emotionality, no love and no commitment. They just want sex! When you are in search of true love on the Internet, always remember this—sex is a by-product. Sex is fun, but it has very little to do with long-term commitment. If you want true love, don’t promise sex on the Internet! Keep Reading...